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Mobile Repair Kit For iPhone & Samsung Devices
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115 in 1 Screwdriver Set : 98 Screwdriver Bits+17 Disassembly Accessories

【Features】 :Chrome vanadium, high hardness bit , magnetic screwdriver, and non-slip handle. Equipped with anti-static tweezers. Lengthen and telescopic tube. Packed in case for easy carrying and storage.

【Potable& Professional Design】The small screwdriver set comes with a storage box and a magnetic plate. The space, placement position, and the size of accessories are designed reasonably, which is convenient for your work.

【Easy to Use】This precision repair tool kit has driver, extension shaft, adapter. You can flexibly use the bit in different direction. Others accessories, such like plastic pry pool, big suction cup, triangle pad ect, which will help you better to repair the mobile phone, game console etc.

【With a Professional Storage Box】:This screwdriver set is equipped with a storage box made of PP material, which is impact resistant. The storage space is designed reasonably, the placement position and the size of the accessories are consistent , and the parts are not easy to fall out.

【98 Screwdriver Bits】>>
Five star(Pentagram): 0.8*2, 1.2*2
Y-Type: Y0.6*2,Y2.0*2,Y3.0*2
Straight: 1.0*2,1.3*2,1.5*2, 2.0*2, 3.0*2, 3.5*2 and 4.0*2
Triangle: △2.0*2,△2.3*2
U-Type: U2.3*2
SIM Card Slot Pin:0.8 ,1.0
Pozidriv:PZOOO*2,PZOO*2, PZO*2, PZ1*2, PZ2*2
Mini Socket: M2.5, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, and M5.5
For iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s/7: PH0000 SL2.0 P2
For iPhone 8/X: PH000 SL2.0 P2 Y0.6 W2.5
For Android:PH000 SL2.0 P2 Y0.6 T2 T5 T6
【17 Disassembly Tools】>>
1 * Handle
1 * Flexible extension Shaft:This adjustable extension shaft can fix the screws in deep position and flexibly reach narrow areas.
1 * Extension Bar:The extension bar adapter adaptable for electronic drill.
1 * Tweezers:Easy to remove small parts.
2 * Plastic Pry Tools :Used for prying, sliding, separating devices.
1 * SIM Card Removal Tool:Open SIM Card slot.
1 * Magnetizer/Demagnetizer:The demagnetizer can steadily increases or eliminates the magnetic properties of screwdrivers and metal tools.
1 * Suction Cup
6 * Triangle Pry Tools
1 * Bit Holder for Power Screwdriver
1 * Glue Shovel:This Plastic Scraper Tool remove air bubbles and improve the efficiency and film quality film, foil stickers make more firm.

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